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Passeite "The Dutch Blend" Portugese Extra Virgin OlijfOlie

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Passeite "The Dutch Blend" Portugese Extra Virgin OlijfOlie

Portuguese Olive Oil Passeite -The Dutch Blend:
Grove & Harvest 
Special selection from ancient Galega olive trees combined with a touch of next generation Picual & Cobrançosa. 
Coupage made by Dutch EVOO Sommelier Marije Passos  to deliver flavours for North European cuisine.
Clay-Limestone Coimbra, Portugal 

Pressing System: 
Continuous two-phase Pieralisi system, pressed around 25 °C. 
Olivepress: Lagar de Azeite da Quinta da Capeleira.

Aroma & Flavour: 
A well balanced sweet flavour with notes of almonds, apple, olive and tomato leaves. 

Allrounder especially good for heating, brings out the aromas even more. Ideal for pasta’s, red vegetables, sauces & dressings.
Size - 375ml
Best Before Date 12-2021
Passeite Story
Our passion started in 2000 with just a small hobby grove from our Dutch/Portuguese roots. 
While helping with annual harvest, we fell in love with olives and their restorative health benefits. Via self-education, collaboration and a lot of trial & error, we are finally ready to share our products to you.... and we’re sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait! 

We have an all-natural approach, using only the climate, animals and plants to fertilize and maintain our groves. Besides our own groves, we manage others to produce high quality olive oils from the little-known terroir of Coimbra, Central Portugal, where Eucalyptus plantations have sadly destroyed most ancient groves. Together with our cosy restaurant, where we enjoy creating innovative gastronomy with our beloved olive oils at the heart, we aim to promote the organic, local produce and celebrate healthy food from the center of Portugal. 

To guarantee quality & taste, we are involved in every little detail of production. 
With a refillable organic painted glass bottle, our recyclable Bag-in-Box and low-emission logistics we hope to set a positive example for current and future generations to make a more positive environmental impact. 

We only have one life to do good, so love (y)our nature. 
~With Love from the Passos Family~